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Living Our Dreams - Photos (below)

It is so important to live one's dreams and to follow the path of one's authentic self.  If you are not sure who your authentic self is, do two things today: 

1.  Go find a picture of yourself when you were little (that you really like), frame it and place it some where you can always see it to remind you of your true, loving self.

2.  Make a list of all of the things you used to love to do as a kid - and the things you dreamed of being.  These are the things which will lead you back to the path of your authentic self.

This is the reason that I am sharing some of my photos that capture the essence of my authentic self  - these are the things that I dreamed of becoming and doing as a child and what I loved to do the most:

1.  Teaching and Teaching in a foreign country - Colombia, South America

2.  Being a writer

3.  Playing in the water; making friends around the world; having adventure and travel in my life!



Book Launch & Signings

    Book Signing at Chapters Bookstore

Book Launch with City Mayor - Belleville, ON

Teaching in Colombia, South America

And Just Plain Fun Stuff

Tubing at Buttermilk Falls in Summer 

Tubing at Buttermilk Falls in Winter  - Brrrrh!                            

Writing at Buttermilk Falls in Autumn

          Kayaking at Home

Going to Survivor Island with My Sisters

Catamaraning in Panama

 Cracking Open My Own Coconut in Utila, Honduras                  

Hanging Out with Fellow Writers in Utila, Honduras

Hanging Out & Interviewing the Oldest Diver on Utila Island