L.O.V.E. Living a Life Of Vibrant Energy

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Tanya's blog at www.floatingfreedom.wordpress.com has now been published into her new book, entitled, L.O.V.E. Live a Life Of Vibrant Energy (Change Your Story - Change Your Life)


In order to attract our inner most desires, we must learn to change the stories of our lives. These stories—which are often a result of messages that were planted within our subconscious minds when we were very young, have become ingrained within us—creating fear, worry and anxiety—which often act as obstacles in our lives.

L.O.V.E: Live a Life Of Vibrant Energy is a compilation of reflections, theories and practical applications that help people to understand their ingrained programming and ultimately equip them with the power to re-program their thoughts, words, actions and change the way in which they approach their world at large.

If you want to be free of your limiting beliefs and begin to live the life you've imagined, open this book and delve into the wisdom and secrets of your own subconscious mind and become no longer a slave to your thoughts, but their master! Thereby, attracting more love, prosperity and success to your everyday life. 

Within the blog, Tanya is currently developing her:

Top 5 Series

Top 5 Series includes topics such as:

Finding Love/Loving Yourself (Looks at the Top 5 Experts on Love and How to Attract It)

Vibrational Energy (Top 5 Experts and Top 5 Resources)

Health and Fitness (Top 5 Videos & Informative Resources)

Healing Depression (Top 5 Ways to Lift Depression & Live with Disappointment)

Next Series:

January 18/13 - Our Senses and Our Intuition - How to Listen to Them

January 26/13 - The Power of Perseverance & Positive Thinking