L.O.V.E. Living a Life Of Vibrant Energy

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L.O.V.E. Workshop Series


L.O.V.E:  Living a Life Of Vibrant Energy

 Six Week Workshop Series

Start Your 2013 Year Off Right!

Tanya M. Cooper is a certified Teacher, Life Coach and Inspirational Author and Speaker.  She has completed four years in Gestalt Leadership and Therapy Training and attended and ran numerous personal growth workshops.  She is a published author of two novels, articles and blogs.  She has written and spoken for her own radio program for two years, entitled, On Second Thought.  Her goal is to inspire and guide you through the teachings of Louise L. Hay regarding removing emotional, physical and mental blocks in order to release your inner power and potential for success in all areas of your life, including love, health & fitness, wealth, prosperity and lasting positivity.  Join Tanya for a six week workshop series and open up a world of possibilities in your life!

Week # 1:  Overcoming Obstacles to Every Success

                  Practical Application for Vibrational Energy:  Seven Palms



Week # 2:  Gratitude Brings Changes in Attitude

                    Practical Application for Vibrational Energy: EYE Give Up



Week # 3:  Love:  Self Love Attracts Every Kind of Love

                    Practical Application for Vibrational Energy:  Toning Whoop



Week # 4:  Health: Move from "Dis-Ease" to Living in Ease

                   Practical Application for Vibrational Energy:  Signature Tone



Week # 5:  Prosperity & Wealth:  We Deserve It!

                   Practical Application for Vibrational Energy:  Rebirth Breath



Week # 6:  Abundant Joy:  Living in the Present Moment

                  Review of Vibrational Energy Boosters


Six Week Series


Individual Evenings


***Tanya will be providing a sample evening session in early March.  ***Tanya also provides One on One Life Coaching in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Please contact her via email:  tcooperauthor@yahoo.ca.